Who will Biden pick for VP running mate

Biden’s VP Pick Update and Surveys

Joe Biden’s VP Pick Update and Surveys

As we monitor his campaign’s progress we now have an update about Biden’s Vice Presidential pick. They are reaching out to take the pulse of all known Democrats. Take a few VP polls and surveys. As always, a donation is not required to have your opinion known. This isn’t the Republican’t Party, we actually want to know who you prefer for VP. A donation helps cover the costs of the media campaign. Or just leave the dollar amounts blank and click to finish your survey. If we weren’t before, I hope we are all in this together now.

Biden Campaign Update: Elizabeth Warren is the Preferred Candidate For VP By Michigan Democrats

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Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee for President. Which means he has to pick his Vice President soon. The internal polls are revealing that Michigan Democrats want him to choose Elizabeth Warren for running mate.

We need to confirm this data (quickly!) to build our strategy to defeat Trump. Please answer immediately.


NO →



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– Progressive Turnout Project



Sign the Card to THANK the Networks for Cancelling Trump’s Briefings →


Donald Trump’s daily COVID-19 press briefings have been filled with lies and propaganda about the current health crisis.

So earlier this month, we sent a petition to network executives demanding they stop airing Trump’s dangerous briefings.

Despite Trump’s threats, they listened!

This brave decision will save lives. And the networks need to know how grateful we are for it.


Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, and Lawrence O'Donnell
Thank the TV Networks for CANCELLING Trump's Briefings



Sign the Card to THANK the Networks →


They’re really going to appreciate this,
– Progressive Turnout Project


How likely are you to support Joe Biden in the 2020 Election?










Thank you for taking part in this official tracking poll. Today we are polling for the strength of support for 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Even if Joe Biden is not your top choice, you should still select the option that best represents your voting intention. (Or you may select “NOT DECIDED.”)
All answers are valid, but your response is critical to tracking this historic election.

You may CLICK HERE to take the poll >>

– Stop-Republicans.org Data Team


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