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Elizabeth Warren Amy Klobuchar Share the NYT Endorsement

Elizabeth Warren & Amy Klobuchar Share the New York Times Editorial Board Endorsement

The New York Times just declared their shared Amy Klobuchar Elizabeth Warren endorsement. They couldn’t decide between the progressive Warren and the Pragmatic Klobuchar. Also, fight back against the “Citizens United” decision on its ten year anniversary by signing Elizabeth’s petition to end undisclosed corporate political bribes.

After this huge news, we need to know:

The New York Times just endorsed Klobuchar and Warren

After this huge news, we need to know:
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How We Succeed

If you want your Presidential candidate to be effective, we must also win down-ticket. It’s crucial that we win the Senate.

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Stephanie Miller is on the air during morning drive hours

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One way to fight back is buy Malcolm’s new book The Plot to Betray America and read it and give it to everybody you know!
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As Senator Chuck Schumer said,

Senate Republicans have spent years enabling President Trump’s worst behavior and helping him carry out his harmful agenda. They’re filling our courts with hard-right judges who are intent on overturning Roe v Wade and crucial climate protections.
They claim to support protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions, but they keep launching attack after attack to gut those protections. And in this election, they’re seeking permission to keep doing ALL that and more!
So I mean it when I say that the future of our country depends on Democrats flipping the Senate. I’m working tirelessly to make that happen.

Warren for President

Elizabeth will be calling the grassroots donor that makes our three millionth contribution

We’re close to reaching our three millionth contribution to our campaign — and Elizabeth is looking forward to calling the grassroots donor that pushes us over the finish line. Chip in today and keep your phone nearby —it might be you!

We’re closing in on three million contributions to our grassroots movement — and when we reach it, no one will be more grateful than Elizabeth.

When she launched her campaign for president of the United States, Elizabeth decided she was going to run things differently. That meant, unlike other candidates in the race, she wouldn’t raise a penny from events where attendees get one-on-one time with her by writing a big check. Also she wouldn’t spend a minute calling up huge donors to give special access in exchange for some big checks. Meanwhile she still merited a shared Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren endorsement from the NYT.

We wouldn’t ask if it weren’t incredibly important right now: Can you please make your first donation today to power our campaign in the final days before the Iowa caucuses?

Can you chip in any amount right now to help hit our goal of three million contributions?

First: A few days before our last FEC deadline, we leveled with you and shared that we were a good chunk behind our third quarter fundraising. Thanks to this team, we were able to beat our goal we set.

Then: We learned that Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and Joe Biden all outraised us last quarter, and we had to pick up the pace this month to close the gap.

Now: We’re on track for our best fundraising month on the campaign, and we’re also closing in on three million contributions to our grassroots movement.

This would be an important milestone for our grassroots movement. So we’ve set a campaign-wide goal to reach three million by Friday.

If everyone reading this email chipped in right now, we’d reach three million contributions in minutes. But not everyone will. You have the power to help shift our momentum forward in the final stretch. Can you chip in any amount right now to help hit our goal of three million contributions in January 2020?

To congratulate her on New York Times shared Ann Klobuchar Elizabeth Warren endorsement in 2 dollar important small donors

Chip in $2 or anything you can right now to add needed funds to our outreach, advertising, and organizing programs.


It’s also a way to congratulate her on her New York Times shared Amy Klobuchar Elizabeth Warren endorsement.

Elizabeth doesn’t host any fundraisers where donors can only meet her if you write a big check. And she doesn’t take a dime from Washington lobbyists, corporate PACs, or PACs of any kind.

So simply put: the only way we can do this important work is if grassroots supporters respond to this request for your small, repeatable donation.
We’re putting every single contribution we receive today to work in real time. Because the outreach, advertising, and organizing investments we make right now are critical to our victory plan.
We started the year being out-raised by other Democratic primary campaigns. The good news is that we have really made up some ground this month with your support, but some of our programs still need an extra boost right now.

Our advertising budget is slightly behind where it needs to be, and this weekend we need to spread our message of big, structural change across Iowa ahead of the caucuses.

Sexy Stephie
Stephanie Miller is on the air during morning drive hours

Sexy Liberal Stephy Says:
One way to fight back is buy Malcolm’s book The Plot to Betray America and read it and give it to everybody you know!
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Ten years ago today, the Supreme Court issued their decision on Citizens United, enabling corporations to spend infinite amounts of money in elections.
Thanks to Citizens United, powerful interests, big banks, and giant corporations are able to spend hundreds of millions every year on ads to push Congress to adopt or block legislation in their favor.

It’s corruption, plain and simple, and it’s time to call it out.

Elizabeth has a comprehensive plan to end the corrupting influence of money in politics once and for all, and it starts with overturning Citizens United. But it’s going to be a tough fight, and we need your support. Are you in?

Add your name today if you believe it’s time to overturn Citizens United and put political and economic power in the hands of working people.

Right now, candidates for federal office can accept contributions from political action committees that are set up by corporations, even though they can’t take contributions from corporations directly. Elizabeth’s plan will make it illegal for corporate PACs to contribute to federal candidates.
Here’s what Elizabeth’s plan will do to end the corrupt system of money for influence in Washington:

Elizabeth Warren Amy Klobuchar Endorsement

First, Elizabeth calls for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s disastrous decisions in Citizens United and Buckley v. Valeo and pass new restrictions to shut down corruption.

Second, ban lobbyists from donating, bundling, and fundraising for candidates, and will close a loophole that lets a candidate’s close friends or former staffers run a super PAC, allowing them to sneak around the coordination ban.

Elizabeth Warren Amy Klobuchar EndorsementThird, ban foreign corporations from influencing our elections by prohibiting U.S. firms that have 1 percent ownership by a single foreign entity or 5 percent ownership by multiple foreign entities, and trade associations that receive money from those entities, from spending money in American elections.

Elizabeth is fighting to restore our democracy and get big money out of politics, but she can’t do it alone. Taking on the corporate interests that support the Citizens United ruling will require nothing less than a grassroots movement, and that’s why we need you in this fight.

Our democracy shouldn’t be bought and paid for by the wealthy and powerful. Add your name if you’re in this fight with Elizabeth to overturn Citizens United and rebuild a democracy that works for the many, not the few.

Thanks for everything you do,
Team Warren



Amy Klobuchar Elizabeth Warren endorsement announced on her show
Stephanie Miller is on the air during morning drive hours

Sexy Liberal Stephy Says:
One way to fight back is buy Malcolm’s book The Plot to Destroy Democracy and read it and give it to everybody you know
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Warren for President

Important survey for Warren supporters

Elizabeth is fighting for a future where Washington doesn’t just work for the wealthy and well-connected, where your voice is always heard.

And during this campaign, she’s spoken to hundreds of thousands of supporters all across the country. You can find her at town halls, in her calls to grassroots donors, and (of course) in selfie lines. Just to hear about what issues matter most to them and why they’re in this fight.

In the past you said climate change and the environment was one of the issues that mattered to you. Elizabeth wants to know what’s on your mind now, too.

What issues matter to you in this race? Click here now to let Elizabeth know what you’re fighting for.

Team Warren




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