These congressional candidates endorsed by Indivisibles

Indivisible Endorses Congressional Candidates January 2020

Indivisible endorses congressional candidates: its second round!

The next President will need a trustworthy cadre of Progressive Democrats who will be willing to join in new initiative. Indivisible endorses congressional candidates for election in 2020. We will also contribute to their campaigns to flip important districts.


It’s Meagan Hatcher-Mays, Indivisible’s Director of Democracy Policy, and the host of Indivisible’s Impeachment Daily series, where you can get daily breakdowns of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. So definitely subscribe and tune in to that!
Sexy Stephie

I’ll come out and say it: impeachment is a complicated and overwhelming process, and things change minute by minute. It can be hard to follow, even if you’re obsessively checking C-Span and Twitter as much as I do. I mean…a lot happened this week:

  • The impeachment trial officially began in the Senate on Tuesday, and the Democratic House managers laid out the facts of the case against Donald Trump — they’ve presented damning evidence that Trump abused his power when he tried to pressure Ukraine into interfering with the 2020 elections, and that he obstructed Congress when he tried to cover it up.
  • Republicans are in control of the Senate, and even though they’re working overtime to protect Trump from accountability, we’ve still managed to get some wins due to the overwhelming public pressure. But the trial rules are still far from perfect — so we’ve gotta stay engaged. 

Here’s the good news: we’re watching every minute of the impeachment trial EVERY DAY so we can break it down for you. 

A few months ago, we launched our Impeachment Daily series on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to bring you a day-by-day impeachment breakdown. Now, we’re covering the Senate trial from top to bottom.

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Our game plan: 

  • You: Join our Hubdialer program and talk to friendly voters in key red states, tell them what’s at stake in this impeachment fight and why it’s important they talk to their senators, and then with the click of one button you can connect them to their Republican senator’s office. Amazing, I know!
  • Us: We’re paying for ads, tools, and events, along with the resources and organizing to push for a real impeachment trial! Did we mention we’re a DAILY show? OK, just checking. Also, check out our resource for more info on our strategy!

Alright. Let’s do this!
In solidarity,
Meagan Hatcher-Mays


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Fellow Democratic Voter,

We’ve talked to local groups, we’ve vetted candidates, and we’ve counted the votes.
Now, we’re excited to announce Indivisible’s second round of national endorsements for the 2020 election cycle! These national endorsements elevate the candidates preferred by the grassroots, showcasing a new class of leaders who reflect the values of the Indivisible movement. 

We’re so grateful to the local groups who nominated these candidates. This process wouldn’t have been possible without their help every step of the way. So without further ado, our second slate of nationally endorsed candidates are:

 Indivisible endorses these congressional candidates- Dana Balter, TJ Cox, Arati Kreibich, Alex Morse, and Amanda Stuck

We’re proud to announce our endorsement of Dana Balter (NY-24)TJ Cox (CA-21), Arati Kreibich (NJ-05), Alex Morse (MA-01), and Amanda Stuck (WI-08):

  • If the name Dana Balter sounds familiar, it’s because she was one of the candidates we endorsed during the 2018 primaries. Balter is running again because she still believes that affordable healthcare and a fair economy are issues worth fighting for. Last year, she was just five points away from winning a district Democrats have lost by double digits in past elections. This year we know she will flip the 24th once and for all.
  • In 2018, TJ Cox flipped a district that went red by 13 points in 2016. Now, he is running for reelection because there is still much work to be done. Representative Cox will listen to and work with the people of the 21st district to ensure their concerns are addressed in Washington. He has been firm in his commitment to keep corporate money out of his campaign and has fought hard to ensure healthcare is affordable and accessible to everyone. We are confident he can win reelection and that he will keep working for the people.
  • Arati Kreibich is a neuroscientist, a mother, a grassroots organizer, an immigrant, and a local elected official. In 2018, she even volunteered for the man she is now running against to keep the 5th District blue. Arati joined the race to represent the NJ-05 district after being disappointed by Rep. Josh Gottheimer’s failure to stand up for immigrants and his continued reliance on big-dollar donors. Indivisible NJ5 quickly got behind her candidacy because they know she will be a true representative of the people.
  • In 2011, Alex Morse became the youngest mayor elected to the town of Holyoke. Now, he is running to represent Massachusetts’s 1st district. We’re proud to support Alex in his primary challenge because of his fearless pursuit of progressive priorities. Now Alex is running against an entrenched incumbent who is beholden to corporate interests and has failed to use his power to hold Trump accountable. We know Alex will be a great representative for the 1st district because he is already running a campaign that is people-centered and people-powered. 
  • In one of the reddest districts in Wisconsin, Indivisibles have endorsed Amanda Stuck because they know she has a deep understanding of the challenges families across the 8th district, and America, face. A single mom at 19, Amanda knows what it’s like to struggle when the odds are stacked against you. In Washington, she will fight for families like hers, and make sure everyone gets a fair shot.


Sexy Stephie
Stephanie Miller is on the air during morning drive hours

Sexy Stephy Says:
One way to fight back is buy Malcolm’s book The Plot to Destroy Democracy and read it and give it to everybody you know“The Plot to Destroy Democracy”
See other Malcolm Nance posts -click here

We’ll see this work through by registering voters, door-knocking, text-banking, and much, much more. Thus, Indivisibles can help change the power landscape because endorsing progressive candidates is just the first step.

Will your group give endorsements?

These two candidates are great, but we know that there are many more races out there. Where your groups’ endorsements, and a subsequent national endorsement, can make all the difference. Much like Illinois and California Indivisibles, your initiative could catapult a local race into the national spotlight!

If your group has endorsed a candidate locally and would like to nominate that candidate for a national endorsement, we’ll have six more waves of endorsements announced in January, March, April, June, July, and October. We’ll accept nominations on a rolling basis throughout the election cycle. If you’d like to submit for the next round, groups have until 11:59pm PT on Thursday, February 20, to submit candidates for the second round of voting.

We’re thrilled that we’re able to get this cycle’s endorsement program up and moving and excited to see what comes next. As you can imagine, this has been a lot of work for both groups and our staff.
While over the next twelve months, we’ve budgeted nearly a million dollars to support the program. If you can, please consider donating to support our Endorsements program and all of Indivisible Action’s work! 

Can you tell just how excited we are about this? We’re ready to watch your groups throw all your political power behind these endorsed candidates, So help us and bring real progressive change to your neighborhoods, districts, and states!

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team


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Indivisible Action is a Hybrid Political Action Committee fueled by the grassroots movement. Especially, to win elections and build local, independent progressive power nationwide. Read more about the formation of our PAC here.
To give by mail, send a check to Indivisible Action, PO Box 43135, Washington, DC 20010. Contributions to Indivisible Action are not tax-deductible.



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  1. Nerna Bristoff

    After Mike Pimpeo’s scurrilous disgusting attack on NPR’s Louise Kelly, and his comment to her about do you think anybody give a F about Ukraine, I’d like to see INH mount a national campaign where we deluge his office with cards and notes about why we give an F about Ukraine, About freedom me about democracy about Justice and why we abhor traitors

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