How to flip the Senate

Here is how we will work together to replace some of the worst partisan hack Senators that ever gummed up the works.

Trump polling update (record low)

Donald Trump’s support is COLLAPSING.

In the midst of impeachment proceedings, Trump’s approval hit a RECORD LOW – ABC News says Trump has the lowest average approval rating ever recorded for any president! Trump is fuming about the bad news and sending furious tweets about the Democrats in Congress who are holding him accountable.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews:
“Trump should be afraid of Pelosi.”

Now the House officially voted to impeach the President, making one of Trump’s worst nightmares come true!

And MSNBC’s Chris Matthews just said what we’re all thinking: Trump should be very afraid of Speaker Nancy Pelosi!

“[Nancy’s] got the timing, the focus and the party discipline and there’s not a thing in the world he can do about it.”MSNBC’s Chris Matthews
We AGREE. Speaker Pelosi is standing up to Trump and showing him what real leadership looks like. We urgently need 100,000 Democrats to join us in thanking Nancy for holding Trump accountable for his corruption! Make sure your name is on the card before midnight tonight:
Click here to sign the card:

Senate Republicans like Mitch McConnell are disgracefully defending the president instead of condemning him, so it’s up to us to make sure Trump isn’t let off the hook for his unprecedented corruption.

Democrats only need FOUR seats to flip the Senate, and here are EIGHT vulnerable Republicans we can defeat:

EIGHT vulnerable Republicans

Donate now to flip the Senate!

With candidates like Mark Kelly, Sara Gideon, and Jaime Harrison running for Senate, we have a historic opportunity to destroy Mitch McConnell’s majority. But after Republicans’ record-breaking fundraising quarter, our Democratic candidates are counting on your support to win tough races.

Democrats only need FOUR seats to flip the Senate, and we have NINE endorsed candidates who can flip critical Republican-held Senate seats:

9 Democratic Senate candidates:

Some of these candidates are already polling ahead of their GOP opponents, but Republicans are raking in MILLIONS to re-elect Donald Trump and protect Mitch McConnell’s majority.

We’ve set a goal of raising $600,000 by December’s FEC deadline to stay on track to flip the Senate

Make a donation now to help Democrats flip the Senate and protect the future of the Supreme Court:

control the Senate impeachYour contribution will benefit DSCC.
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Mitch McConnell should be TERRIFIED!

Voters in Kentucky McConnell’s home state

The Rachel Maddow Show
Rush a TRIPLE-MATCHED gift to unseat Mitch McConnell and take back the Senate majority >>

Flip the Senate.

Voters in Kentucky elected a DEMOCRATIC governor and kicked their Republican governor, Matt Bevin, out of office!

Mitch McConnell Haloween maskBevin was the least popular governor in America with a 34% approval rating and he LOST.

Well, guess what, Jim? Mitch McConnell is the least popular Senator in America with just a 26% approval rating, a whopping eight points WORSE than Bevin’s!

The Democratic upset in Kentucky shows that we CLEARLY have a path to kicking Mitch McConnell out of office, and a recent poll showed him STATISTICALLY TIED with a Democratic challenger. If we take immediate action we can defeat Mitch McConnell once and for all and flip the Senate.

TRIPLE- MATCH ACTIVE: Rush in $5 (becomes $20) while the momentum is on our side to kick Mitch McConnell out of office AND flip the Senate >>

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