Need To Impeach -William Barr Update

Need To Impeach William Barr Update

William Barr is still a shill for wanna-be dictator Donald Trump. He is on a crash course with Congress that can only end with his own contempt of Congress arrest or worse.

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William Barr is lying to you,
Whether he’s busy deceiving the American people or lying to Congress, William Barr isn’t acting like an attorney general. Instead, he’s working full time to defend Donald Trump’s crimes.
The lies continued on Wednesday when Barr testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Here are some key takeaways from the hearing:
  • Barr confessed that he has not looked at the underlying evidence — evidence Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team compiled to draw conclusions — in the Mueller report.
  • Barr testified that he believes that the President can terminate a proceeding if he considers it unfounded, showing he considers the President above the law.
  • Barr lied when he said Mueller did not take the Office of Legal Counsel’s opinion into account in his decision not to prosecute Trump — because Mueller specifically did.
  • Barr made up bogus, non-obstruction of justice related reasons to explain Trump’s unsuccessful efforts to fire Mueller and former White House Counsel Don McGahn.
  • Barr wouldn’t deny that Trump is still pressuring the Department of Justice to investigate his political enemies. He also didn’t deny claims that Trump continues to ask the DOJ for information about investigations into him and his associates.
Barr is doing his best to keep us from getting the accountability we deserve. He missed Wednesday’s deadline to comply with a lawful subpoena to provide the House Judiciary Committee the full, unredacted Mueller report. Then yesterday, scared of answering questions from committee staff, he didn’t show up to the Committee’s hearing to testify as promised.

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Trump Still Thinks Barr Can Protect Him From The Truth In The Mueller Report
So File Your Official Complaint Here!

Trump’s Attorney General knowingly lied to Congress and the American people about the Mueller report — and we’ve got to do something about it.
Barr is a longtime member of the Virginia State Bar, and intentionally making a false statement of fact or law is a violation of Rule 4.1 and grounds for disbarment.
Just this morning, Attorney General Barr lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee about the reason Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not indict the President. This raises serious questions as to if he committed perjury.
Barr also lied to the Senate last month about not knowing if Mueller supported his conclusion, and lied directly to the American people when he proclaimed that Trump cooperated fully with the Mueller investigation.
Let’s keep the pressure on,
Kevin Mack
Lead Strategist
Need to Impeach

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