Trump Cancelled TV Show

No More COVID-19 Infomercials With Trump

No More COVID-19 Infomercials With Trump

Trumps daily COVID-19 gas-lighting sessions are not going to be carried, as news, by the American news networks. Rather than just performing for RT, the Trump administration has decided to back out of these self-serving infomercials. This is all the result  of public outrage over the embarrassing spectacles.

War On Voting How Elections Get Stolen And How To End Cheating.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Interstate Travel Safety Tip List For Drivers

Stop Republicans Reports Our Petition 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐊𝐄𝐃!


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Donald Trump’s daily COVID-19 press briefings have been filled with lies and propaganda about the current health crisis. The media was so concerned about losing access to Republicans to talk on their interview shows that they didn’t dare push for truthful answers.
So earlier this month, we sent a petition to network executives demanding they stop airing Trump’s dangerous briefings. The lesson we taught was, interviews are good but viewers are more important.
Despite Trump’s threats, they listened!

This brave decision will save lives. And the networks need to know how grateful we are for it.

Sign the Card to THANK the Networks →Thanks For No More COVID-19 Infomercials With Donald Trump

They’re really going to appreciate this,
– the bums out No More Trump COVID-19 Infomercials


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Stop Republicans, an accountability project of Progressive Turnout Project, is a grassroots-funded effort dedicated to resisting the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s radical right wing agenda.
Stop Republicans
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Joe Biden knows how to SAVE our elections.

Vote-by-Mail through no excuse absentee ballots is the ONLY way we can ensure fair and safe voting across the board in November, on top of boosting Voter Turnout, even through a crisis.

It’s the only way to guarantee high Democratic turnout and take down Trump.

Vote-by-mail isn’t a novel idea for American elections: 3 states (Oregon, Washington, and Colorado) already conduct EVERY election by mail!!

It would END long lines, crowded polling places, and election-day chaos. Republicans won’t be able to cheat people out of their votes if they’re in the mail!
That’s why Joe Biden is fighting for mail-in voting. It’s our best weapon against Trump and his cheating Republicans!!

Add your name to our petition to stand with Joe Biden and DEMAND Vote by Mail >>


Thanks for taking a stand,

Vote By Mail

Casting your vote by mail is a secure and established part of our American electoral system. But a vote-by-mail approach only works if every voter feels confident using it.

We know that information can be powerful, and that a well-timed message can be the difference between someone voting or sitting out an election. We’ll be sending messages about when and how to get a mail ballot to young people, black and Hispanic voters, and other Americans who have historically been disenfranchised and underrepresented in our electorate.

We want to make sure that every voter has the information they need to vote safely.

Will you help us send 250,000 Americans information about how to vote by mail? Chip in now.

whos side are you on

As more Americans are following government guidelines to stay home and maintain social distancing, voting by mail is more popular than ever. Voting by mail, along with early voting and safe in-person voting, needs to be readily available as we work together to navigate the coronavirus pandemic. Nothing should stand in the way of Americans exercising their constitutional right to vote.

Driving coast to coast when the coronavirus epidemic hits the USA
Click To See How I Experienced The Start Of COVID-19 In The USA uses cost-effective technology and marketing to get more people to vote. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, we knew we’d have to change some of the ways we engage voters.
That’s why we’re prioritizing tactics that reach people where they are right now — at home. Direct mail will be a key part of our voter outreach this year.

Each mail piece costs $1.12 to create, address, and send. To reach a quarter of a million Americans, we need to raise $280,000. We know we can do it, but only if we have the support of people like you who understand what’s at stake on November 3, 2020.

Chip in now to help more Americans have the information they need to reliably vote by mail.

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Requesting a mail or absentee ballot
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War On Voting How Elections Get Stolen And How To End Cheating.

Jill Wine-Banks Of Nixon Impeachment Fame Talks Trump With Stephanie Miller

This brave decision will save lives. And the networks need to know how grateful we are for it.

Thank the TV Networks for Cancelling Trump's Briefings
Thank the TV Networks for Cancelling Trump's Briefings

Sign the Card to THANK the Networks →

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