Driving coast to coast when the coronavirus epidemic hits the USA

The COVID-19 and Interstate Driving Coast To Coast

The COVID-19 and Interstate Driving Coast To Coast

Driving and interstate travel during COVID-19. Watch this 2-part video about what it was like driving the interstate highways on a coast to coast round trip during the first two weeks of the coronavirus (COVID-19). When I began my round trip in New York City the pandemic had just started to be and epidemic in the USA. See how much New York City changed in about 2 weeks time. This is a report borrowed from Red Bud Inn’s Youtube Page. Please remember to subscribe and give a comment and a like for support.

Part-1 COVID-19 & Driving from NYC to California

See the Eastern States go from unconcerned to locked down. Red State denial and Blue State preparedness. Public health protection took on many forms.

Corona Virus Update. COVID-19 and Domestic Travel

Cruise Cam Driving Video COVID-19 -1

The Driver’s Seat –So this is how it was from a driver’s perspective.

I turned off my radio so I wouldn’t get saturated in virus news and analysis. That’s all I was sick of.

Part-2 The drive back to NYC

Watch this video take you through an ever-changing set of rules restricting food, beverages, bathrooms, parking, notifications, and even forced quarantines. Driving during the COVID-19 outbreak can be tricky.

Nebraska didn’t close any rest stops. They just posted hand washing guides, English and Spanish, from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) Most rest area facilities have touchless operation.
Corona Virus travel CDC advisory covid-19 CDC advice for Corona Virus travelers
I didn’t worry much about it effecting my cruise. Then when in Lincoln, NE I got the news that California went into lock down. That meant closing non-essential shops, sheltering at home, and the cancelling of all public events. I wondered what impact that may have on driving.


Part 2 -Corona Virus Update: Interstate Travel and COVID-19

Driving coast to coast when the COVID_19 epidemic hits the USA

Don’t worry about me. I made it through the whole thing without getting infected. Practice the advice in the this article to keep yourself and family safe without wasting money and effort. Remember, we are all in this mess together. Save lives, yes. Just don’t forget to live yours to the fullest.

The Takeaway Lessons From This Experience

Let’s focus in on the COVID-19 tips to prevent infection and spread of the virus.

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