Trump Is Using the Bush War Playbook

Trump Has Started Using The G.W. Bush War Playbook WIth Iran

Is Donald Trump about to use the Bush playbook to manipulate our nation into a war with Iran, or maybe even Venezuela. Ironically, not Russia or Korea -he will just set us up to receive a first strike attack from them. You can see that Trump’s world view and incompetence could bring disaster. However, this post is about the additional danger of a war started as a political ploy to stay in office.

Dear MoveOn member,

The war industry is back at it. And the Trump administration is using the same playbook the Bush administration used to roll out and launch the Iraq War in order to lay the groundwork for a war with Iran. 

That’s why we went ahead and decided to compare the speeches from the Bush and Trump administrations in a short, powerful video. And you won’t believe all the similarities that we found. They’re so shocking that the video is close to reaching 1 million views across all our social media platforms! 

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MoveOn’s data scientists also ran a test and found that 64% of viewers who were surveyed think that it’s important for others to watch the video. This included viewers who are Democrats, Independents, and, yes, even Republicans! 

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–Iram, Seth, Erica, Chris, and the rest of the team

What’s old is new again -if we don’t act to prevent a repeat of shameful history!

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