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Warren Plan: Crushing All Our Goals Together

Elizabeth Warren Says We’re Crushing All Our Campaign Goals Together

Warren is meeting her goals to win media credibility. Elizabeth Warren had a bold plan for funding her campaign for President. She and Bernie are focusing on the small, but repeatable, donor. So far so good. She’s crushing it in financial support. A growing number of people are joining with donations and a willingness to back up their political investment with activism. Are you one of them yet?

Warren for President
After the December 31 FEC deadline, our quarterly fundraising numbers will become available to the public. Reporters, pundits, and Republican operatives will use these numbers to judge the strength of our campaign.

This public fundraising report will be used as a measure of our movement’s strength. That’s why we have a plan to make sure we have the strongest fundraising report possible.

We’ve crunched the numbers, and we need 257 supporters from Michigan to step up today to stay on track to reach our goal of 1,000,000 unique grassroots donors.

We know this is a big goal, but our movement has helped crush all our goals until this point. We believe that with your help, we can reach this goal, too.

We wouldn’t be asking if this weren’t important. Will still need 257 more donors from Michigan to chip in today to get us back on track. Chip in $2 now:

Thanks for everything,
Team Warren 



Elizabeth Wants One Million Small Donors

Earlier this month, we announced our major goal of reaching one million individual donors to our grassroots movement.

This is the biggest and most important goal we’ve set yet and whether or not we reach this milestone will be a test to the strength of our grassroots movement.
That’s why we need your help to make it happen.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to chip in, your contribution would have a powerful impact right now. Chip in ANY amount today and as a thank you, we’ll send you a FREE sticker to show off your Warren pride!

Everyday people across this country are joining this movement in their own ways whether it’s knocking doors, asking questions at a town hall, or recruiting their friends and family to vote for Elizabeth.

And together, we’re building something powerful. That’s why we know that with your help, we can reach one million donors and send a message to primary voters: there is a grassroots movement behind our campaign for big, structural change.

Everyone’s heard about Elizabeth’s plans and goals, but they won’t happen without your support. This is a grassroots movement, and we all need to commit to the fight for big, structural change.

Together, we can root out corruption in Washington, provide universal child care and Pre-K for every family in America, defeat the climate crisis, and much more.

Warren for President
If you’ve never made a donation to a political candidate before or ever wondered what happens when you chip in $2 or whatever you can to Elizabeth’s campaign, here’s a breakdown of what happens next:

  1. You’ll get a special note from Elizabeth to thank you for making your first contribution
  2. We’ll mail you a free “WARREN” sticker so you can share your support with the world
  3. You’ll own an equal piece of this grassroots movement
  4. We’ll be one step closer to reaching one million individual donors to our campaign — the biggest and most important goal of our movement thus far

So what are you waiting for? Will you grow our grassroots movement by one more person and make your first contribution to Elizabeth today? $2 or whatever you can chip in will make a powerful difference at this critical juncture in our campaign.



You said on our recent survey that fighting for a Green New Deal is a top priority for you. So we want to make sure you saw Elizabeth’s newest plan: A Blue New Deal For Our Oceans. Read on to learn more, then sign your name if you support it.



In September, I got a question at a CNN climate crisis town hall from Bren Smith, an ocean farmer from Connecticut. He asked if I’d support a Blue New Deal to restore our oceans, in addition to fighting climate change on land. I said I would, and I meant it.

The world’s oceans are in crisis — our oceans are warming, many of the world’s fish stocks are fully exploited or overfished, our coasts are flooding and eroding, and pollution from land is causing dead zones in our waterways and Great Lakes.

Our safety, public health, food security, and infrastructure are at risk. If we do not act now, things will only get worse, as climate change leads to more severe weather.

I believe that a Blue New Deal must be an essential part of any Green New Deal — helping us fight climate change, protecting our health, and creating good, high-wage union jobs in the process. That’s why today I’m releasing a new plan.

A Blue New Deal For Our Oceans.

social blue wave
It’s time to take bold action on climate change. Add your name if you support rebuilding our Blue Economy, protecting and restoring ocean habitats, and adapting in a climate-changed world.

Here’s how it works.

→ First, we start by rebuilding our Blue Economy. Oceans already support millions of jobs and our food system, contributing $304 billion to our national GDP. They also have the potential to be one of our strongest tools in the fight against climate change if we harness the potential of the Blue Economy.

As we rapidly transition our economy to 100% clean energy, we must prioritize offshore wind and wave energy. As president, I will work to streamline permitting for offshore renewable energy based on environmental impact assessments and making sure that the communities hosting new developments receive a share of the benefits.

Threats like warming oceans and overfishing have caused the ocean’s fish population to fall by 50% over the last 50 years, leading to serious consequences. So we need to rebuild and sustainably manage our fisheries supporting up to an additional 500,000 jobs along the way. And my administration will better prepare fishing industries and communities for the impacts of climate change.

→ Next, we’re going to do more to protect and restore our coast and marine habitats. That starts with fully funding NOAA’s Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program to conserve coastal ecosystems. I’ve also proposed a 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps, which will hire 10,000 young people and veterans for new job opportunities caring for our natural resources including restoration of marine ecosystems.

We’ll expand marine protected areas. And we’ll build a domestic blue carbon program to help make sure the ocean can continue to naturally store carbon, which helps fight against climate change.

Plus, we’ll phase out all offshore drilling. It’s dangerous for coastal communities, it contributes to climate change, and it needs to come to an end. I am also committed to leaving no worker behind as we transition to 100% clean energy. The men and women who’ve worked in the offshore drilling industry will get job training and guaranteed wage and benefit parity if they want to work in new industries, and full financial security if they want to retire.

We’ll also reduce ocean trash, hold Big Ag accountable for upstream pollution, and work to build climate smart ports. Finally, I will work with Congress to ratify the Law of the Sea treaty to ensure that we are working with our international partners to collectively manage our oceans.

→ Finally, we’re going to adapt to a changing climate. As our ocean continues to expand and rise as a result of climate change, we must mitigate the damage that has already been done and prepare for what will only get worse sea level rise, storm surges, and extreme weather events. We’ll propose quintupling disaster mitigation funding and direct all federal emergency management and coastal management agencies to take a holistic approach to helping communities shelter from increasingly unnatural disasters.

While pre-disaster mitigation is crucial, we’ll also have a rigorous post-disaster mitigation plan in place to ensure our most vulnerable populations get the help they need to rebuild their lives after disaster strikes. We’ll take climate change into account to reform flood insurance and improve how we manage drought. And we’ll fight to fully-fund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. So we can defend the drinking water that 1 in 10 Americans depend on.

Starting on day one of my presidency, I will take bold action to fight climate change, and that includes harnessing the power of our oceans to be a key part of our solution to the climate crisis. The task before us is significant, but I’m confident that we can meet this challenge together.

The future of our planet depends on a healthy ocean and we have no more time to waste. Please add your name if you support my plan for a Blue New Deal For Our Oceans.



Thanks for being a part of this,

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

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So Donald Trump was just IMPEACHED and now the Senate will hold a trial to decide whether to officially remove him from office. But Mitch McConnell, in a show of blatant disregard for his constitutional duty, just admitted to COORDINATING with Trump to prevent Trump from being held accountable.

This moment will go down in history, Jim. McConnell is outrageously plotting an unprecedented cover-up to let Trump completely off the hook.

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Help Elizabeth Warren reach financial funding goals
Warren’s goal is to reach everybody to get the vote, especially the youth vote.

Warren for President Achieving Goals

When we talk about how your gift of $2 can add up to make a huge difference, here’s one example of what we mean:

In the past week alone, this team has announced new offices in Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.

Our campaign’s presence on the ground is crucial. These new offices will be a home base for organizing, where we can recruit new volunteers, talk one on one with voters, host community events, make phone calls, and much more. This is how we’ll lay the foundation for victory in 2020 and real, systemic change in 2021 and beyond.

And this is only possible because of the support from grassroots donors.

But if we want this movement to continue to grow and help Warren achieve goals, if we want to open more offices, hire more organizers, and knock on more doors. Then we need to reach each fundraising goal. And right now, we’re behind our mid-month goal.

Chip in 2 dollar important small donorsBefore our midnight deadline tonight, will you contribute for the first time — even $2 can make a huge difference — to help catch up to this goal and grow this movement together? If you chip in today, we’ll add your name in one of the last few spaces on our Grassroots Donor Wall!

Elizabeth Warren has a bold plan for funding her campaign for President. She and Bernie are focusing on the small, but repeatable, donor. So far so good. She’s crushing it in financial support.

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