Petition to stop Trump and republicans

Bernie Wants More Of Your Opinion

Bernie Sanders Wants Your Opinion Some More – New Bigger Survey

Petition to stop Trump and republicans


After a few months it’s time to poll the loyal again and fine tune approaches to important issues. Please take this survey so the Bernie 2020 campaign can know which issues and strategies are important to you. So read on and give Bernie your opinion.


Please take a moment to complete our latest, official issues survey. We’ll compile your answers and make sure Bernie sees the results this week.


Shortly after we launched our campaign, we sent around a survey to check in on the issues you’re paying the most attention to on this campaign.

We reviewed the results and shared them internally. And we’ve made sure that they’re reflected in the ideas we talk about online and on the trail.

But now that three months have passed since our launch, we think it is an especially important time to check back in to see if anything has changed.

The survey questions are the same, so your participation helps us track how people’s opinions have shifted over the course of our campaign. This helps us run a better campaign. So please take a minute to sound off:

Can you take a minute to complete our latest, official issues survey? We’ll compile the feedback and make sure Bernie gets the results.


Here’s the first question:

It wasn’t long ago that the issues and ideas we were talking about were considered too radical and too extreme. Today, those ideas are supported by the vast majority of the American people.

And that all starts with knowing the issues you care about, and coming up with solutions to address them.

So please, take a moment to tell us the issues you’re tracking on this campaign. Use this link:

Thanks for answering this call to action.

All my best,
Faiz Shakir -Campaign Manager

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