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I’m A Social Democrat

I’m A Social Democrat

Getting active in social media to counterbalance the foreign and GOP bot army confronting democracy itself! Fight back on Facebook –  supported by legitimate truth-telling blogs and authority sites.

Four Basic Ways To Get Involved in Social Resistance to Trump

Method #1 – Promote Resistance Organizations

You should share groups like Need to Impeach, and this one, Indivisible.Org
Use embed code to repeat it in a blog post.

Method #2 – Promote Pages & Posts

Promote your website, blog posts and resistance articles. Not by putting the URL into Facebook. First go to the page you want to promote and use the share button there. Add a short explanation then post on your Facebook page. This will work with replies pointing to blog post URLs. You know it’s done if it displays a thumbnail image, which is the featured image of the URL you shared. Make sure you always have cool featured images.

Don’t be an anti-social Republican’t. Be A Sociable Democrat!

Method #3 – Promote Movies

People love to watch videos. So promote a YouTube video that is relevant in a Facebook post. Copy and paste the video’s URL into the Facebook status or comment or reply. Embed in your blog post for the trifecta.


Method #4 – Promote A Post With Your Blog

Share other people’s posts add to the comment section and also use embed to post on your own blog. Be selective and authentic about this. There’s enough trash being regurgitated by fools and the bots that fool  them. Counter only with authority sites. Use this to come to someone’s aid if they’re being trolled.

Get out there now and mingle. Remember, don’t playa’ hate. Participate!

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