The Final Word On Bill Barr

The Final Word On Bill Barr

The Last Word on Trumpster AG Barr is finally out. Made it to the end of the Trump Administration while clinging on to his special immunities for cover. It’s the GOP Senators that kept the lid on, not Bill Barr. The last word on Bill Barr will come down hard. Finally, the Mueller Report is going public and into use. The American taxpayers own that report!

I was commenting on this and helping advance campaigns to remove this guy from the beginning. I’m putting some of the best stuff posted at that is worth a read to bypass the media fog to get to what actually happened when Donald Trump appointed him. You may want to read these short articles and actions that were happening to get you up to speed.

In the end, Barr did have to say no to Trump. He tried to clutch a thread of professional credibility. Meanwhile, he is not able to get a day job.

It Really Started With The 4-Page Barr Retort To The Mueller Report

The Barr Retort of the Mueller report

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The Barr Retort

U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s signature is seen at the end of his four page letter to U.S. congressional leaders on the conclusions of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian meddling in the 2016 election after the letter was released by the House Judiciary Committee in Washington, U.S. March 24, 2019.


Need To Impeach Bill Barr

Historically, when there has been a Special Investigator’s Report commissioned by Congress, the report is made public quickly if not immediately. The Starr Report delivered the Full Report and boxes of supporting documentation. So there’s something very suspicious about the way the Republican’ts want to sweep it under the rug. Like Nixon did to his Shafer Commission Report.

How Russia cheated for Trump

Mueller Report Hearings and the Election

Mitch McConnell is in deep, deep trouble this time. McConnell’s most lasting harm is because of his hijacking of the Supreme Court. His current crime is aiding the cover up of Russian interference in our elections. 

Barr Cleans Up DC

Bernie Sanders Petition To Release The Mueller Report

Sign our petition to call on Attorney General William Barr to release the full findings of the Mueller investigation to the American people as soon as possible.

Impeach William Barr Now

 William Barr is a disgrace to his office. His loyalty is purely as a partisan fixer for Trump and the other criminals in Congress. Lying to our representatives is lying to us. Stop partisan games of desperation from denying our right to know about Trump’s criminality.

All the Rest of the Bill Barr Articles –To the Final Word

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